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0 comments is a criminal and cruel business. A mentally sick and twice arrested woman from Massachusetts (Marina Noble) posted sore and fabricated lies about me and my child in that site (, bullying my child and labeling him "autistic" - when my child is not autistic. A long and sad story, that woman (Marina Noble) who uses that site's "services" too often, is an incurably obsessed maniac and is after us for years.

Marina Noble (from Watertown, MA) is in constant misery; she has no life and disallows other have one. She has two malicious and ugly Armenian daughters and therefore she loses her control from jealousy and attacks on my innocent child. She suffers paranoid schizophrenia, as the stories she has "sketched" in have never happened.

Such posts about us appear on the first page when someone googles my name. Having seen the, my child suffers terrible distress because of the misleading and false information about him and his health status (when the reality is, that he is very healthy and strong).

I contacted and provided them all documentation denying all statements made my that crazy woman (Marina Noble). For example, she had stated that "I have been fired from BU" - when I have never been fired from BU or elseewhere; she rants that I am "an abused and adopted child" - when my both parents were intelligent, wealthy, cultured, doting and divine, who nurtured and nourished me like a princess. I am NOT adopted (my all birth metrics and certificates carry my parents'r names from the first day of my life and there is no single word of "adoption" in my files). She fabricated that there has been "a lawsuit against me" in MA, when such things have not happened and I am not aware of any legal tension I would've need to care about.

After seeing my clear and compelling evidence (opposing all statements made by that schizophrenic), and after my several explanations on how my child suffers from cyber-bullying, offered me a deal in two options: (1) either pay them fee to remove the posts, or (2) to submit to their attention a "court order saying that the posts are defamatory..."

It is fascinating how entitles itself as an "arbitrage" or "mediator" business without having a license to practice law in cyberspace.

Regardless, I indeed showed them the Court order for the posts to be removed, also arrest warrants against Marina Noble and her friends who harass us. That woman and I reside in different states and that is why she places countless posts about us without feeling a liability. She can be arrested or held liable only if she visits my state. After all my legal proceedings and showing the Court Orders, the site did nothing, and now its asks money from me. It is not afraid of the illegality of its business which was the cause of my child's suffering. generates astronomical revenue on cost of people's suffering, and cyber-bullied children are among the victims. Does the U.S. Congress know how this company ( generates its revenue to pay sell or personal taxes? Does the U.S. Government know that such "taxes"- if paid by - are similar to the specimens of the dead bodies once collected by the Nazi operatives of the concentration camps?

Worse even, I am not sure is follows the Sarbanes -Oxley Act of 2002 and if it really accurately pays taxes from its all revenue. If this site knowingly and deliberately makes my child suffer, does it have any pain to carry for that negligence?

MESSAGE TO THE UNIVERSE: Do not visit any posts in, as with your each click you contribute to their revenue and contribute in people's suffering. This is the evil's territory. Do not touch it.

LEGAL INSIGHTS OF THIS SITE'S so-called "LEGITIMATE" BUSINESS: The majority of posting in this site do not qualify for the 1st' Amendment's umbrella, because they contain misleading libels. In our case, Marina Noble intentionally disseminated lies about my child's health status when she knew that my child was NOT autistic (thus she also committed a crime called Actual Malice). Such posts (about someone's health status) violate the federal HIPAA, statutory HIPAA provisions, 14th Amendment, and the commonlaw. Such actions also constitute bullying-– as they inflict in my child and in others endless distress. does not require any registration, email account, login-ID, or password for placing life and career ruining posts. Worse even, it boldly advertises an easy and free access because its uncountable monetary gain. You just need to check a little nasty box "that you are a human" to get the green light for ruining someone's health, personal life, and reputation. You do it for free; there is no cost for killing.

Meantime, in its “legal information” page ( , the site has published an “express liability waiver” that relies on some wiki “cyber-decency guides” that lack credibility and are misguiding. An example, . 's legal address rests in Chicago, IL; however, to inform its customers about the potential liability for defamation, the site exclusively relies on two precedents from the states of California and Virginia: ) and ), correspondingly .

The problem is, that not all the bullied parties reside in CA and VA, which creates a conflict between the site's business and its liability covenant. That site shows willful and deliberate disobedience to the governing laws, because it operates under serious conflicts, such as narrowing its policy for two states (CA ,VA) – when its legal address is in IL, and allowing anyone - from any part of the globe - place severe libels, and to bully with life and career ruining sarcasm.

In its speedy pace of astrological revenue, does not bother to seek a professional legal counsel for an adequate disclaimer (“express liability waiver”). The site's current disclaimer is unlawful under many laws as it is against the public policy (I can cite countless statutes and precedents in support of my statements).

I do appreciate the freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment; however, a “free speech” is not about lies, intentional defamation, or bullying a child. Under the 1st Amendment, the founders of this country did not mean free lies or free bullying. Moreover, that site and countless similar ones, are about "consumers." That crazy woman and I, have never had any "consumer-provider" relationship. has been explained about that. Nonetheless, it does not delete the crazy and irrelevant libels about us. MONEY MATTERS...

OPEN CALL: All bullied, stalked, and libled parties! Vote against and make this site moped out immediately, as we all cannot await until its license expires in 2020.

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